“I’m not homophobic. ‘Phobic’ means I’m afraid of something, and I’m not scared of homosexuals.”

Okay. Then I guess I’m not Caucasian, because I’m not from the Mount Caucasus region.

Which is to say, congratulations on your sudden interest in etymology, but that’s not actually how language works. At all.

“Homophobia” is defined as an aversion, antipathy, or discrimination against homosexuals. Which, yes, can be based on an irrational fear, like fear of a secret gay agenda. Mostly, it just means that you’ve formed a pretty selective view of sexuality, and aren’t being particularly nice to those whose views don’t match your own.

Now, if we want to air gripes about word definitions, let’s talk about the fact that an officially accepted definition of “literally” is “not literally”. Because that’s all kinds of bullshit. Reality-phobic, that’s what that is.