Rape culture doesn’t exist.

Okay, seriously, this is a bit of an odd hill to choose to die on. I’m not really sure how you can argue against there being rape culture, given how much of a cultural norm it is.

Just to be sure we’re talking about the right thing: “rape culture” refers to how, in circumstances of sexual assault, female victims are disproportionately blamed for the attack. Hence, how often you hear mention of what a girl was wearing at the time of the rape, even though that has literally nothing to do with how “wrong” the rape was. Because, you know, rape is wrong.

If you don’t think that happens, uh, we need to sit down and have a serious talk. Sure, we could go to Google Scholar and pull up some studies for you, but this stuff is prevalent enough that just defining the damn thing should give you enough to go on.

So thanks, Wikipedia: Victim blaming – Secondary victimization of sexual assault victims